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Anonymous asked:

Do you have an AO3?

One Direction In Words answered:

No I do not.

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So I’ve quit writing and I don’t know for how long. But what I have posted, please enjoy

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Mile High (Nouis Oneshot)

AN: So I figured since I slept all day and I’ll be up all night waiting for work I’d write something. Let me tell you, the nut I busted after writing this was well needed and made my body feel a bit better. Enjoy!

Contains: bottom!louis/top!niall/foreskin play/blowjob/airplane fucking

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Frost (Niam Oneshot)

AN: So I wanted to get something out to you. I know I’ve been slacking but I’m trying to do more for you guys. Hope you enjoy it <3

Contains: daddy!kink/underage/incest/dad!liam/son!niall/littledick!niall/barebacking/fingering/blowjob

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Heavy Metal (Larry Oneshot)

AN: So I wrote this for one of my best friends, Sarah, we were talking about this last night and I decided to do it. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I hope you guys like it!

Also, I put a link above ^^^ to Sarah’s tumblr and in the story there is a link to see what the PA piercing looks like so just imagine that on Harry yeah?

Contains: build up with small fluff & sort of angst?/rimming/fingering/princealbert!harry/dicktattoo!harry

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The Sex Tape (Zaniam Oneshot)

AN: So I wanted to get something out to you guys and I think this came out better than expected.

Contains: crossdress!louis/daddykink!harry/sex tape/handjobs/voyeurism

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Denial (Zarry Oneshot)


AN: So I didn’t proofread this but I’m pretty happy with how I wrote this, pretty much gets to the point, not some of my best work but still good for a wank I think.

Contains: outing/bottom!zayn/top!harry/sort of underage/locker room sex

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Helping Hand (Narry Oneshot)

AN: So I didn’t want them to fuck. This is bit all over the place maybe? Just scenario set up, sort of brotherly love, then smut. Bit of fluff and stuff at the end and idk, hope you guys enjoy it.

Contains: brother!kink/handjobs

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A Christmas Miracle (Lilo Oneshot)


AN: So I figured since it is Christmas day you should have some Christmas fucking. Enjoy!

Contains: top!liam/bottom!louis/christmas sex/bj/fingering

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Stuck In A Rut (Larry Oneshot)


AN: I tried to make this as filthy and dom!harry as possible. But you know I can’t resist some cute fluffy shit and a bit of a backstory.

Contains: rut!harry/alpha!harry/omega!louis/knotting/some fluff/rimming

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Dock (Nosh Oneshot)

imageAN: So I tried my best. I know it’s a bit short but it gets straight to the point.

Contains: docking/bottom!niall/top!josh/foreskin play

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He’s Such A Dick PT 2 (Ziall Oneshot)


AN: So this took me forever to write. Had to keep stopping and picking it back up. Now after reading it through in oneshot I have to say I like how it turned out. Some of the parts seem small but that’s because they didn’t have to be lengthy. I really hope you guys enjoy this since this was one of my favorite AU’s to write so far. Gotta love Ziall!

Contains: mpreg/knotting/smut/mentions of death/violence/alpha!zayn/omega!niall

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A Very Good Morning Indeed (Lirry Oneshot)

AN: So I hope this is alright.

Contains: sleep fucking/gaping/top!liam/bottom!harry

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Ride (Zouis Oneshot)

AN: Woohoo sex toys and stuff!

Contains: master!zayn/slave!louis/subspace!louis/toys/overstimulation

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Breaking A Sweat (Niam Oneshot)

AN: This was done quickly but I think it’s pretty decent.

Contains: sauna blowjobs/personal trainer!liam/lots of sweat/smelliness sorta

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