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I reported that bitch.

And I think I’m just gonna delete this whole page. I honestly don’t want to write anymore and this is YET AGAIN another time someone has stolen a story and NOT EVEN TRIED to reword it or anything.

I’m the fuck over this.

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easy-ayy asked:

Wattpad user @addictedtosleep has posted one of your zianourry smut oneshots in "her" collection called Midnight Memories. She is claiming it as her own and this isn't the first time she's plagiarized someone else's work. Just thought id let you know. x

One Direction In Words answered:

Report her please. I don’t know how she could’ve done that since I have a code that doesn’t allow you to copy/paste from my blog.

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Anonymous asked:

Plannin on gettin a new laptop?

One Direction In Words answered:

Hopefully yeah, they’re wicked expensive so I won’t have one for quite some time.

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Anonymous asked:

Link to your old videos?

One Direction In Words answered:

They’re all on youtube.

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Anonymous asked:

Rant/video about Zayn's Palestine tweet and the racism he gets in the airport? Love your stories.

One Direction In Words answered:

My laptop is officially done so I can’t make videos anymore :/

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Anonymous asked:

Hi can you write a underage ziam maybe like a stepdad or something 😚 love your work

One Direction In Words answered:

I have a few like that.

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Anonymous asked:

This isn't a prompt, i just really adore your work. So i was wondering if i could post it on a different website, i'll give you full credit and put your tumblr link in the book...

One Direction In Words answered:

Sorry but no.

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Anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say that although you're currently not writing, I appreciate you leaving your stories up. It's always nice to come back and have the ability to re- read favorites. Especially when people stop writing, and they just delete the stores and / or account. So Thank You.

One Direction In Words answered:

This was lovely.

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I know I’ve been lacking in writing, please don’t hate me. Just haven’t wanted to at all but there is this story I do want to write once I get the initiative where Harry ties up Louis and fucks his hole slowly with a red lollipop, gets him all sticky and sweet then licks him clean over and over until Louis is practically crying cause he needs relief and then you know what happens.

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Mile High (Nouis Oneshot)

AN: So I figured since I slept all day and I’ll be up all night waiting for work I’d write something. Let me tell you, the nut I busted after writing this was well needed and made my body feel a bit better. Enjoy!

Contains: bottom!louis/top!niall/foreskin play/blowjob/airplane fucking

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Frost (Niam Oneshot)

AN: So I wanted to get something out to you. I know I’ve been slacking but I’m trying to do more for you guys. Hope you enjoy it <3

Contains: daddy!kink/underage/incest/dad!liam/son!niall/littledick!niall/barebacking/fingering/blowjob

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Heavy Metal (Larry Oneshot)

AN: So I wrote this for one of my best friends, Sarah, we were talking about this last night and I decided to do it. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I hope you guys like it!

Also, I put a link above ^^^ to Sarah’s tumblr and in the story there is a link to see what the PA piercing looks like so just imagine that on Harry yeah?

Contains: build up with small fluff & sort of angst?/rimming/fingering/princealbert!harry/dicktattoo!harry

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The Sex Tape (Zaniam Oneshot)

AN: So I wanted to get something out to you guys and I think this came out better than expected.

Contains: crossdress!louis/daddykink!harry/sex tape/handjobs/voyeurism

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Denial (Zarry Oneshot)


AN: So I didn’t proofread this but I’m pretty happy with how I wrote this, pretty much gets to the point, not some of my best work but still good for a wank I think.

Contains: outing/bottom!zayn/top!harry/sort of underage/locker room sex

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Helping Hand (Narry Oneshot)

AN: So I didn’t want them to fuck. This is bit all over the place maybe? Just scenario set up, sort of brotherly love, then smut. Bit of fluff and stuff at the end and idk, hope you guys enjoy it.

Contains: brother!kink/handjobs

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